Atlanta 4, Arizona 3

Atlanta 4, Arizona 3

The second half kicks off with a series against the NL Wild Card leading Diamondbacks, so sounds like as good an excuse as any to inflict a Running Diary on you all! Muwhahaha!

7:00 Happy Bastille Day as we tune into Brave Live Pregame Show.

7:02 The starting line up includes Rookie Shortstop Sensation Dans Johan Camargo at short.

7:03 Lt. Dans not the only regular who’s getting some time off. Paul Byrd is filling in for Joe Simpson, who is off for a well deserved vacation at I Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Sabermetrics Park.

7:07 Chip Caray tells us we’re about to “Duel the Desert Denizens.” I see he’s already in second half form.

7:10 During the commercial break we see that NASA is bringing their Mars Rover prototype to Battery Atlanta. I’m disappointed when it doesn’t transform into a semi.

7:19 The pregame show has a cool segment showing how Tyler Flowers and R.A. Dickey have clicked as a battery.

7:24 Acuna, Acuna, Acuna. Thank you sir, may I have another?

7:28 Mars Rover is back and still not transforming. I feel my tax dollars are being wasted on a non-transforming Rover. Get Michael Bay on the line.

7:29 Brian Jordan picks Freddie Freeman and Daniel Descalso (who is ONLY 5-10 lifetime against Dickey) as his Picks to Click. Way to go out on a limb there, BJ.

7:33 Chip lets us know that there are 5 members of the NL All Star team in the game. I count 6, as I am pretty sure he’s forgotten about The Freeze.

7:40 DelayGate in Atlanta! The Natspos aren’t the only team to have suspicious goings on around the start of the game, as the in-stadium music won’t stop, and home plate ump Dana DeMuth has to wave up to the booth to stop the music. Total time of delay – 15 secs. Just 2 hours 59 minutes, and 45 seconds less than the Nats ‘Rain’ delay.

7:42 Dickey’s knuckleball must still be dancing to the DelayGate music, as 4 of the first 5 dance outside the zone and A.J. Pollock walks.

7:43 Nice running backhand grab by Brandon Phillips to force Pollock at second.

7:44 Paul Goldschmidt bounces a come backer off Dickey, who tries to crawl after it. Not a good start so far.

7:45 Jake Lamb with the tailor made DP to Rookie Shortstop Sensation Dans Johan Camargo.

7:46 Chip teases a new Promo – the ‘First Chop’ of the night.

7:47 And the First Chop goes to…Paul Byrd! He gets a big tomahawk to chop with. Here’s his opportunity, but, he swings like the pitcher he was and misses Chip. I think he might have pulled a muscle there.

7:49 Ender Inciarte doubles down the left field line to start the first. Did you know he was an All Star?

7:55 Diamondbacks pitcher Taijuan Walker throws a nasty slider to Freddie Freeman for the strikeout.

7:56 Matt Kemp picks up Freddie with the single to score All Star Ender Inciarte.

8:06 Chip lets us know that Brandon Drury has been to All Star Games in FOUR different Minor Leagues. Man Ender needs to get on the ball, he’s only been to ONE All Star Game in the Bigs.

8:10 All Star Ender Inciarte covers an acre and a half to rob Jeff Mathis of extra bases. Great camera work from high over home plate showed that All Star Ender Inciarte had that all the way.

8:16 Ugh. Chip just said that Jake Lamb was not ‘b-a-a-a-a-a-d’. I bet Paul Byrd wishes he could try the First Chop again.

8:23 Chip tells us about Dickey and his many travels in his baseball career. Drafted by Texas….

8:24 …in the Minnesota farm system, to Seattle, back to Minnesota, back to Seattle, back to Minnesota….

8:25 …and signed by Atlanta. Phew.

8:28 Dickey walks Lamb. Arizona has had runners all over the bases so far.

8:29 Freddie with the dive to spear a liner to end the third! Move over Nolan Arrenado, your new NL Gold Glove 3B, Freddie Freeman!

8:33 Chip: ” Ender lines to Lamb, who wasn’t fleeced on the play.” Gonna be a long weekend with the sheep puns I fear.

8:38 Kelsey Wingert with the minor league report from last night. Acuna, Acuna, Acuna! Yes, please.

8:50 Taijuan Walker settling in. Matt Adams JUST misses one flying deep to right. Ronald Acuna would’ve hit that out.

8:53 Gold Glove Alert. Freeman cuts off a short chopper. Great play! Adams saves the airmailed throw with a swipe tag. So? Rome wasn’t built in a day, you know.

8:55 Dickey quick pitches David Peralta for the strikeout. Peralta looks like he’s complaining to DeMuth. Swing the bat you big baby.

8:56 Goldschmidt grounds to second. Dickey’s first 1-2-3 inning.

9:00 Tyler Flowers doubles off the right field wall, bringing up Rookie Shortstop Sensation Dans Johan Camargo.

9:02 Maybe Dansby isn’t that bad?

9:04 Dickey pops out after a 7 pitch AB. Paul up in the booth was talking about how, as a pitcher at bat, you want to make the other guy throw at least 5 pitches so he’ll be tired for the next batter.

9:06 All Star Ender Inciarte grounds out on the first pitch. So much for ‘tired.’

9:11 Flowers, according to Advanced Paul Byrd Approved Statistics, is getting 9% of pitches outside the zone called strikes. No wonder Dickey has been so good the past 4 starts.

9:12 Chris Owings singles.

9:17 Four Time Minor League All Star Brandon Drury singles. Dickey not fooling anybody.

9:18 Daniel Descalso singles off Dickey’s glove for his third hit of the night as Owings scores. Tie game.

9:20 Mathis bloops one to right, but not deep enough to score Drury from second. Four straight hits, but only one run in, Dickey is living right.

9:23 Walker grounds into what is called an inning ending DP, although replay showed he might have beaten it out. Paul thinks he was safe. Arizona manager Torey Lovullo is apparently on the phone with Dominos and doesn’t ask for a review. Walker has now made the last out of the 2nd, 4th, and 6th innings, yet Dickey has only given up one run. Wonder if that horseshoe placement is hurting R.A.

9:27 Paul talks about how Walker might be tired after trying to beat out the DP last inning.

9:30 Freeman homers on a hanging slider. Quick Paul, text me tomorrow night’s Powerball numbers to play.

9:31 Chip: ‘A defensive ca-Lamb-nity at third.’ And yes, I heard the ‘n’ in there.

9:38 Sam Freeman in to start the 7th. His reward? He gets to face the top of the D-backs order.

9:40 Gold Glove 3b Freddie Freeman with the Hot Corner nabbing of a Pollock liner.

9:41 S. Freeman now has gone 3-0 to Pollock and Peralta. What? Can’t Flowers steal any strikes for him? Did Sam sit in TFlo’s chair? Get Kelsey on this developing story!

9:44 And we’re tied, as Paul Goldschmidt shows why he was an All Star. Just like Ender.

9:56 Acuna, Acuna, Acuna! Sheesh, just call him up already.

10:00 Jose Ramirez in to pitch the 8th. Owings lines one just over Rookie Shortstop Sensation Dans Johan Camargo‘s glove.

10:02 Owings steals second, and goes to third when Flowers tries to catch him stealing by throwing to All Star Ender Inciarte.

10:03 Minor League All Star Brandon Drury pops to short right. Owings stays put. One away.

10:05 Drawn in infield, and Descalso isn’t facing Dickey. He grounds to Rookie Shortstop Sensation Dans Johan Camargo, who holds Owings and gets the out. 2 down and we may get around the throwing error.

10:07 Ketel Marte in to pinch hit for Mathis. I’m waiting for Chip to make the ‘Pot calling the Ketel black’ pun. Although, now that I think about it, that MIGHT not be a good idea.

10:09 And Ramirez throws one to the backstop, and Arizona leads 3-2.

10:10 Marte walks, and the Braves Bullpen Implosion continues.

10:13 Rex Brothers in to finally get the third out.

10:18 Archie Bradley and his Manly Beard in to pitch the bottom of the 8th for Arizona.

10:20 All Star Ender Inciarte with the infield single.

10:22 Dat Dude BP doubles down the right field line. 2nd and 3rd no outs. Here comes the Intentional Pass to Freddie.

10:22:30 What? They’re pitching to Freeman? Is Lovullo busy with his pizza?

10:23 Freddie! Phillips trips as he rounds third, but Gregor Blanco was lobbing the ball in to second, so BP pops up and hustles home with the go-ahead run. I’ll go ahead and say it before Chip does – ‘Brandon comes Stumblin’ Home.’

10:36 Bradley strikes out Kemp and Nick Markakis, but Big City singles Freeman to third, but Flowers can’t get the insurance run in. Jim Johnson on for the save. Goldschmidt lurking as third man up.

10:38 All Star Ender Inciarte with another entry in the Gold Glove campaign, as he runs clear across the Back 40 to make a leaping grab against the fence of Pollock’s screaming liner. It was a poor man’s version of his highway robbery job in New York off Yoenis Cespedes. Thank you Dave Stewart.

10:40 Peralta pops out to second. Only Goldschmidt to get now. Or, as I like to call him, Freddie Freeman West.

10:41 JJ gets a quick 0-2 count on Goldie.

10:41:20 Foul 1.

10:41:40 Foul 2

10:42 Strike 3! Braves win, Braves win, Braves win!

So, a good start to the second half, as Atlanta notches its MLB leading 15th win in their last At bat. Let’s do it again tomorrow.

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