Baseball Movie Slugfest by Braves Journal

Baseball Movie Slugfest by Braves Journal

Since Scott Boras is doing his best to ruin the ebb and flow of the offseason, we’re going to do a 32-seed tournament to determine the best baseball movie. I just want to run the field by everyone to make sure there isn’t a movie that is an egregious omission. We will then have some small write-ups of each movie, and you’ll have an opportunity to vote on who should advance to the next round. Bonus points — which mean nothing — if you can predict which movie will win, especially without knowing seeding. Additional bonus points if you can predict the movie that will have the worst margin of loss in the vote count. Good luck.

Major League
Bad News Bears (the original)
Rookie of the Year
Angels in the Outfield
Mr. Baseball
Mr. 3000
The Bingo Long Traveling All-Stars & Motor Kings
The Scout

Fever Pitch
Summer Catch
For the Love of the Game
Trouble with the Curve
Bull Durham
It Happens Every Spring
Field of Dreams
Damn Yankees

The Rookie
The Natural
The Sandlot
Million Dollar Arm
8 Men Out
A League of Their Own

Ken Burns Baseball
The Bronx is Burning
The Jackie Robinson Story
Pride of the Yankees

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