Braves 6, Cubs 5

Braves 6, Cubs 5

My jinx is broken!!!!

Actually, I only checked in on Gameday about 2 times before one out in the 9th and bases loaded, score 6 to 4. So I am only going to be able to recap what is already in the box score. But, winning is better than losing. I had to work today. I also made some money doing that, so I guess that is o.k.

Apparently in the first inning, the Braves were trying to do something unique. How many times can you have the bases loaded in an inning with no more than one out, have at least one home run, and have only one run score. Probably not real likely, but if the homerun is hit by the leadoff man, then that can happen. After Ozzie Albies lead off homerun, Acuna walked, Freeman walked, and Nick Markakis forced Freddie at second. Then, Tyler Flowers walked. then Ender struck out and Bats struck out. Still, a lead.

A short lived lead. Almost Bad Julio showed up. Albert Almora, Jr. hit a two run homer in the bottom of the second. Then, in the third, Tyler Flowers felt the powers and hit a two run home run. Maybe he will get jumped off. But, in the bottom half, Kris Bryant did that two run home run thing and it was back to Cubs 4, Braves (former Barves) 3.

Then, in keeping with the “you see the strangest things if you go to the ball park” theme, Jose Bautista hit a THREE run homer in the 5th.

Julio got through 6. then Sam Freeman, (the “other Freeman”), gave up 2 hits and the ever spectacular Shane Carle covered that up plus got another inning. Then, Minter came in to finish it and caused mass heartache. I rejoined Gameday with 1 out and the bases loaded. Minter got another strike out. Then, he hit somebody, so the lead was down to one. Then, he struck out Kris Bryant.

This team fights. This team does not go into “hibernation mode.” This team does have “episodes,” but they have enough offense to sometimes shed those episodes off. I like this team.

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