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Braves/Rangers Doubleheader

Braves/Rangers Doubleheader

Game 1: Luiz Gohara made his debut, and with some strike zone squeezing and some bad defensive play, his line looked worse than it was. Snitker said after the game that they would decide if Gohara makes another start, but Bowman later came out and said that Gohara would and Snit was just frustrated. Wouldn’t you love to be a manager over all of this not knowing how you’ll be evaluated?

Gohara pitched poorly enough to lose, usually, but then Matt Wisler did his thing and Wisled in a few more runs. He gave up 5 ER in 1 1/3, and the radio crew was unqiuely negative about Wisler’s regression. When they turn on you, it ain’t good. But when you give up 12 runs, it’s hard to win.

In other news, our new backup catcher is no Suzuki/Flowers, but he put in 2 hits and raised his average to a defensible .250 but with no on-base or power. Freddie Freeman, swinging his wet newspaper, contributed two hits, and Ender Inciarte, who loves doubleheaders, put in three of his own, including a home run. Ender may end up with as many home runs this year as he has in his career 1,464 ABs across 3 seasons combined.

Game 2: This one wasn’t so bad. Julio Teheran gave up 5 IP, 3 ER, which I only find interesting because is referring to it as a “strong start”. I suppose in the Atlanta rebuild, the Braves’ have their own definition of a quality start. Freddie Freeman continues to be a part of every rally the Braves can get themselves into, and he ripped a 2-run double during a 5-run 2nd inning. Sam Freeman, Jose Ramirez, and Arodys Vizcaino continue to be a formidable trio in the late innings, once again combining for 3 IP of scoreless ball to end the game. I count 8 games in the last 2 months where all three combined to shut down the late innings.

Splittin’ a twin bill against a playoff team. I guess there’s something to find there.

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Rainout/Doubleheader 2.0

Rainout/Doubleheader 2.0

The Braves have developed an allergy to playing games on Tuesdays with a seeming fondness for playing two on Wednesday. There’s nothing like the middle of the week that makes you want to stay twice as long at the ballpark, I suppose. This week fans are treated to the lucrative day/night doubleheader, as Braves management apparently wants to make sure as few fans as possible attend the first game.

We’ll see if the Braves can pull off another Wednesday doubleheader sweep miracle. I’m not holding my breath.

Natspos delenda est.

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The 101 at Bastogne, Braves 2, Rangers 8

The 101 at Bastogne, Braves 2, Rangers 8

I am trying hard to do my duty in a most inglorious operation. For Braves fans and many of the players, all we have left is to soldier on in deplorable conditions and try to hold on for reinforcements. Maybe the victory will come, and in fact, probably the victory will come, but not for now.

R. A. Dickey is worthy of being an honorary member of the 101 (101st Airborne Division). He gives you what he has. He soldiers on. He actually has been pretty good overall this year. But last night was not his best work. Kind of like the bridge at Son.

Ironically, the great knuckleballer of my childhood, Phil Niekro, threw out the first pitch last night. Even for Phil, sometimes the knuckler doesn’t seem to knuckle correctly, and when it doesn’t, it isn’t pretty. Like when Elvis Andrus took one out in the first. 1 to 0 Rangers.

The other knuckleball problem is when you walk bunches of people. Like in the 2nd. Walk, double, walk, sac fly, passed ball. 2 runs in and it is 3 to 0. Then, in the 3rd, out, double, triple, sac fly and 2 more runs are in.

Finally, in the 4th, Braves got 2 on a Matt Adams homer. That ended the run scoring for the Braves.

But the Rangers weren’t through. No, they were Woodrow Call tough on this night. When you catch Cherokee Jack, you drag him almost to death. Then, you get him to give you the info you want in exchange for agreeing to a quick death. Three more runs, but only one after switching to Matt Wisler.

So far, the reinforcements seem like the cooks that were given rifles and not like Patton’s armored column. So we continue to sit in the snow with little food, little ammunition, but with a smidgen
of hope. It is all we have left.

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Braves 5, Cubs 1

Braves 5, Cubs 1

Max Fried, the man with the name you’d like to pun, (but you mustn’t pun) went 5 innings, and 4 relievers shut down the Cubs from there to give Fried the win in his 1st major league start. Rio Ruiz drove in 3 runs, and Freddie Freeman and Dansby Swanson joined Ruiz in collecting 2 hits.  Ian Happ’s 2nd inning home run spoiled the shutout.

The Braves salvage a game from the 4 game set and return home to play Texas on Monday.

The funniest thing I ever heard about Chicago: Hit it.

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‘When the Hurley Burley’s done’….Braves12 Cubs14

‘When the Hurley Burley’s done’….Braves12 Cubs14

‘When the battle’s lost and won.’

As things worked out we did end up in a real battle this afternoon -Freddie at the plate as the tying run – which you certainly wouldn’t have expected half way through. Till then it had been awful Braves pitching, starting and from the pen,  we were down 10-4 after 4 innings. Fortunately their pitching deteriorated, and stayed that way, to the same level so despite our pen throwing 4 more runs on the fire theirs added 8, innings 7 through 9. So what had looked to be a dull, processional and wasted afternoon turned into a fun ball game.

If you could somehow excuse our pitching. Sims, whom I like, pitched well until an at bat appeared that really mattered and then seemed overwhelmed by the occasion maybe and threw a hanging slider down the middle. Rivera’s GS on a 0-2 pitch was the worst example but there were others. In between he looked OK!   3IP 6H 7R 4BB 4K 2HR.  Krol and Jackson then gave up three runs each, Sam and JJ one apiece. And so it went. And we lose by 2.

Let’s talk about our hitting, much the brighter picture. With the notable exception of the first inning where the middle bats managed to almost exactly duplicate Friday’s effort – they again were handed a 2 on no outs situation in the first and got no one in – things started to look up and in response to their GS we hit back to back homers to pull within one and then Rio hit another. From then on we were always somewhere near almost all the time as we really pasted their vaunted pen – Wilson, 1/3 of an inning, 3 runs.

Individuals who did well:

Ozzie…great game, 3 for 4, 2 walks and a rocket out to RF. He grows by the game

Freddie..finally, hitting the ball hard..2 run homer, 3 hits, 3 RBI walk.

Matt Kemp …followed Freddie with a homer of his own , 2 hits, 2 RBI

Cakes 2 hits, 2 RBI..has been very consistent of late..made one extraordinary catch at the ivy.

Suzuki  couldn’t get the long ball going but still 2 hits, 1 RBI

Dansby…3 for 5, one was a double. Fielding and base running mistakes , maybe, see below.

Rio..  Home Run (left handed off Lester!) Remember, he buried one in the ivy, yesterday.

Question for the experts. Very close to the end of the game when we were in striking distance they put 2 runners on in scoring position and Snit called the infield in. The batter hit a ground ball to Dansby’s left, he dived over the top of it as best i could see and both runs scored,- not at the time but ultimately that was the winning margin. My question is does an infielder, playing in, discard his normal semi-crouch position leaning forward on the balls of his feet or does he for some good reason stand up which is what Dansby did?

In the end a good game to watch, we battled back manfully. Yesterday it was our batters that sucked and wasted our good pitching. Today, exactly the reverse. Maybe, possibly, tomorrow, could we, ya think??

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August 31, 2017:

Fwd: Friday 9/1 Recap

Alex Remington (8:09 PM)

to me

Sam, want to grab Friday’s recap – and maybe shoehorn in a Bama preview?

So, my first thought was “sure, why not?” I was planning on turning the TV on tonight anyway to watch the USMNT, which is the national soccer team for those of you up in Cobb, play Costa Rica, which is another country that we need to beat in order to qualify for the World Cup, which is a big soccer deal, for those of you up in Cobb. I mean, I’m technically still on vacation through tomorrow morning, but what would it hurt to dig the laptop out and follow the baseball game along with the futbol, which is what the fur’ners call the soccer and stuff, ya know?

And so I did that; the digging the laptop out thing. And I logged in and well, apparently this was a day game against the Cubs. We lost. I’m not really sure of all the details because I literally turned on the computer long enough to see

  • Ozzie Albies walks;
  • Freddie Freeman grounds into double play…;
  • Matt Kemp called out on strikes

scroll by, then they plopped that little “x” that means “the home team didn’t even need to bat in the ninth, because your team really sucks right now” into the box score and, ya know? All over but the cryin’.

Looking back at the game log, we lost because we managed four hits all day. Four. Three of which were singles, which, do they even count? Singles are boring, man. Ender Inciarte singled to lead off the game, and was wild pitched to second, but then the next three batters sucked in the “failed to put the ball in play” variety of suck.

In the second, there were two out already before Rio Ruiz and Dansby Swanson both singled ahead of the pitcher grounding out. If you’re keeping score at home, we have already collected three (3) of our four (4) hits. That does not bode well, right?

For the record, the pitcher was Mike Foltynewicz, who strung 8 base runners and 2 runs over 6.1 innings, which is perfectly cromnulent, but not good enough to win when your side scores NONE RUNS, and isn’t the sort of outing a fan base desperately looking for an ERHMAHGAH FINALLY AN ACE FROM ALL OF THOSE PITCHING PROSPECTS is going to remember very fondly either.

The third begins a string of, I shit you not, 15 up, 15 down. God, I’m so glad I didn’t watch this game. 15 up. 15 down. FIFTEEN!

Rio Ruiz led off the 8th with a ground rule double, which was the first time a Braves hitter managed one of them there “extra base hits.” It was also the last time. Alas, neither Dansby With The Good Hair, nor Lane Adams Whose Name Sounds Like Either A Furniture Store Or A Plus Sized Woman’s Boutique, nor Ender Inciarte Who Will Eventually Become the Speaker For The Dead, were able to do anything with it.

Ninth. Albies walks. Freddie wants to go eat. Matt Kemp swinging. Fin. Draw the curtains, Doris.

I’m going to make dinner now, then watch the FUT-BOL, which is a popular sport played by godless heathens outside of America where we play football that crushes men’s brains, like God intended, for those of you up in Cobb*. And speaking of the concussion inducing variety, I still owe you that Bama write up, Alex, which will come along shortly, but the gist of which is that Alabama is going to win the SEC, and probably the no longer quite so mythical National Championship, because Alabama loves football more than you love your mama and while you’re thinking “man, I’d hate for my kid to get skull crushed and drool by the time he’s 37,” Alabamans are literally on a wait list to sacrifice blood to Ba’al for the chance to erase the memory of Deshaun Watson and some puff named “Dabo” lifting the trophy that is god-ordained to go to them. Also, Nick Saban recruits ambulatory refrigerators on both sides of the line.

Mmmmmm, futbol.

*to be clear, I am not making dinner for you folks in Cobb. I’m mocking you by insinuating you’re uncultured and don’t know what soccer is because you live in Cobb. Because that amuses me. No, I don’t think you’ll find it funny really. I’m pretty self-motivated most of the time, ya know?

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Cubs 6, Braves 2

Cubs 6, Braves 2

Sean Newcomb was Sean Newcomb. As a big leaguer these past couple of months, he’s been the same pitcher he was in the minors after the Braves acquired him. He can look so sharp– but also so very frustrating. Uncle Joe Simpson said in the pregame that one of the keys to success for Newk is to be efficient. Well, no ****. He’s one of the least efficient pitchers you’ll see, and last night was no exception.

He threw 101 pitches in his five innings of work. But his problem, at least last night, was not a failure to throw strikes. 71 of his pitches were strikes. He struck out 7 in his 5 innings of work. Seven of the 8 hits he gave up came with two strikes. Well, that’s at least 14 batters with a two strike count, and there may have been more (I haven’t checked). Newk is so very frustrating because he isn’t putting batters away, even with two strikes, and he can’t seem to put a team away in an inning when he has the chance. Several of the two-strike hits were bloopers and grounders that found a hole. The Cubs did not hit very many shots off Newk. He did walk 3, including one with the bases loaded. That was a very frustrating run (it counts as “unearned� because Jace booted a grounder with two outs to extend an inning). To be fair to Sean, C.B. Bucknor called a very tight strike zone. Even Kyle Hendrikcs, who never walks anybody, walked 3 in his 6 2/3.

It doesn’t help my emotional reaction to Newk that we traded a generational talent to acquire him. And Simba, as you know, is having a career year at the plate. And I assume you also heard that for the rest of this year, Andrelton and Brandon Phillips will be the keystone combination for the Angels. Good for Brandon. I hope the Angels make the playoffs and go far when they do. Not so much for the ex-Braves they now have (includes also J-Up, which I assume you also heard). I just want to see Mike Trout in the playoffs.

After Newcomb left the game, Motte gave up a two run homer to Kris Bryant, and Wisler gave up a run to keep the game just enough out of reach. Bryant’s homer was right into a 25 mile an hour wind, and it still almost left the stadium. He’s really good.

Offensively, the Braves couldn’t do much with Hendricks. Albies had 2 hits, a walk, and an RBI. Love this kid more every day. Nick Markakis had two hits, but then, as Joe always reminds us, he is a professional hitter (I guess as opposed to all the amateurs on the team). And Lane (“Wayneâ€�) Adams had a pinch hit homer. According to Chip (again, I didn’t check) that was the ninth pinch hit homer for the Braves this season, one short of the team record of 10, set in 2010. (Now that was a fun year— tons of walkoff wins in Bobby’s last year–the bench included Folk Hero Brooks Conrad and Eric Hinske, who is now a hitting coach with the Cubs.) It’s hard to imagine that this team, whose bats off the bench in April and May were Bonifacio and D’Arnaud, could have such a strong bench now.

Day game at Wrigley today. Folty on the mound against his home town team.

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2017 Florida Football Preview

2017 Florida Football Preview

In 2014, Jim McElwain, Florida’s head coach, said that he could win SEC football games with his dog Claribelle at quarterback. Florida had continued to struggle to fill the quarterback position ever since #15 won a Heisman and rode off to glory. John Brantley to Jacoby Brissett to Tyler Murphy to Jeff Driskel to Treon Harris, with a few others sprinkled through, all struggled to keep the University of Florida football team from being a bottom third offensive attack. As you may remember, McElwain was considered a huge offensive improvement after leading Colorado State to success, and while his in-game coaching and a stout defense has led to two strong seasons and trips to Atlanta, there are still questions remaining over whether his 9 pound Yorky should have suited up at quarterback over the aforementioned Harris, Luke Del Rio, and Austin Appleby.

But things are different in Gainesville. For the first season since he arrived, Mac has his quarterbacks on the roster, and a deeper offensive line, receiving corp, and running back tandem. There will definitely be more pressure this season. He has demonstrated he can win the close wins. The wins in the finals moments against Tennessee in 2015 and LSU in 2016 have told Florida fans that McElwain has the ability to out-fox the coach on the other sidelines. You can even point to games last season like Vandy’s 13-6 win and Georgia’s 24-10 win as indicators that McElwain can still win even when the team doesn’t turn in its best performances. But he also has to find a way to avoid the collapses, like the second half against Tennessee and the entire game against Arkansas. Those two clunkers led to two losses that could have completely changed last season. Remember, Florida had a 21-3 lead at the half against Tennessee only to give up 35 points in the second half.


As mentioned, this is the source of optimism amongst Florida fans. There is a legitimate quarterback competition in Gainesville, and as of this writing, the starter still hasn’t been named. It could be Notre Dame transfer Malik Zaire, redshirt freshman Feleipe Franks, or last year’s starter Luke Del Rio. Whoever it is, the expectation is that they can be the serviceable quarterback Florida has been lacking. And regardless, that QB will have plenty of help. Florida returns a healthy, deep offensive line, a talented receiving corp, and a two running back setup. The talent receiving corp will miss their leading receiver Antonio Callaway for the indefinite future due to suspension, but there is plenty of talent between SR Brandon Powell, SO Tyrie Cleveland, SO Josh Hammond, and JR/TR Dre Massey. Florida will only go two deep with running backs with returners JR Jordan Scarlett and SO Lamical Perine expected to get the bulk. The offense could light up the scoreboard for the first time in a long time.


Sadly, one can’t be quite as positive with the defense. The defense loses 4 starters from last year and will have more underclassmen than they’ve had in the past. To compound problems, Marcell Harris, the leader of the defense, is injured and out for the year. Fortunatley, former head coach Randy Shannon is now leading the defense, and with the two previous DCs leaving for head coaching jobs, Shannon will be able to do the same with a rejuvenation of the defense. This isn’t Will Muschamp’s defense anymore, though, and the offense will have to improve because we’ll certainly see a drop in defense.

Special Teams

It’s hard to get excited about special teams. They can’t put a lot of points on the scoreboard, and the punt team only comes in when there’s a problem. But they have the #1 punter in the country per punting avergae in Jonny Townsend, and kicker Eddy Pineiro finished All-SEC as a freshman and could be a finalist for the Lou Groza Award. This is a unit that can be an unsung hero for Florida.


Good news and bad news on the schedule. Bad news is that Florida plays its usual SEC East, FSU and LSU spread, but instead of opening the season with Cupcake U, they have Michigan in the first week and Texas A&M mid-season. The good news is that they play Michigan in a neutral site, and FSU, A&M, LSU, and Tennessee all have to come to Gainesville.

Florida could easily go 8-4, or they could end up 11-1. I think they beat one of Michigan and FSU, but lose one of Tennessee, A&M, Georgia, and LSU for a 10-2 season.

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Braves Sweep the Worst Team in Baseball in a Doubleheader and It Actually Feels Like An Accomplishment!

Braves Sweep the Worst Team in Baseball in a Doubleheader and It Actually Feels Like An Accomplishment!

The Braves haven’t won on a Wednesday in 4 weeks. So what do they do? They win 2. Against the Phillies. Hey, works for me!

Plenty to say, surprisingly, about two wins in August against a terrible team. Considering how bad we’ve played against the Phillies, you might be surprised to find out that this was the second 8+ run win against those clowns this year. Game One was highlighted by a 8 inning performance by RA Dickey, Team ERA Leader. The wind was working, so he was working, and he punched out 9 and scattered 8 baserunners around while giving up a run. AJ Minter got in his second game and pitched another scoreless inning. One would assume they’ll continue to ease him along, with good reason. If he challenges that Texan aggression into the strike zone, he’ll be unbeatable for a while.

Really, though, everybody got in on the action as the offense pumped out 15 hits together. Ender Inciarte contributed 5 of his own, just one shy of Atlanta’s hits in a game record. He also walked in the ninth. Freddie Freeman, Matt Adams (getting the start in left and successfully avoiding embarrassing himself), and Ozzie Albies all contributed two more hits apiece. Dansby Swanson got himself a hit too, and in the last 18 games, he rocks close to a .500 OBP. Good for that guy.

And hey, play two! Perhaps you shouldn’t push your luck if you sneak one past the vaunted Phillies, but the Braves decided to double their win total against these juggernauts. This time it was Julio Teheran pitching another strong outing. This’ll never get old. He went 6 2/3, but got pulled after a double. Sam Freeman finished that inning, Jose Ramirez tried and failed to get through the 8th (issuing 3 walks), and Arodys Vizcaino registered the technical save by entering the game during a save situation even though the game ended with it being out of a save situation. All told, the Freeman-to-Ramirez-to-Vizcaino has been gaining some momentum over the past few weeks. Not quite O’Ventbrel, but Freeramino is not bad.

Ender Inciarte, once again, bought the pain, hitting three more hits in this one, and going 8-10 with a triple and a walk in the doubleheader. What a man, what a man. Matt Kemp, Nick Markakis, and the Dans all tallied a couple hits as well. I tell you, Markakis’ power and lack thereof really stands out in the middle of this current order. All that guy does is lack a flaw in his game, and the dude can’t get no respect.

When they’re getting their brains beat in by the worst team in baseball, a doubleheader sweep is about as smooth as Crown and Coke.

Full article @ Braves Sweep the Worst Team in Baseball in a Doubleheader and It Actually Feels Like An Accomplishment!

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Tennessee Volunteers Preview (by Smitty)

Tennessee Volunteers Preview (by Smitty)

A Look Back

The Vols entered 2016 as the favorites to win the SEC East. And it appeared they were a team of destiny after Josh Dobbs hit Jauan Jennings on the final play to beat Georgia. Tennessee’s magic started to run out during their come from behind thriller against Texas A&M. Then the wheels came off after losing to Alabama and South Carolina. With the Sugar Bowl insight, the Vols managed to choke away a first half lead to Vanderbilt.

In early October, it looked like Butch Jones had finally taken the next step as a head coach. The Vols were loaded and always could find away to win. However, after the two overtime loss to A&M the injuries began to pile up and Jones went from state hero to “Champion of Life.�

A Look Ahead

The 2017 season doesn’t bring the same expectations 2016 did. Most publications have the Vols slated third (some fourth) in the East. Losing Alvin Kamara (RB), Cam Sutton (CB), Derek Barnett (DE), Jalen Reeves- Maybin (LB), Josh Malone (WE) and Dobbs (QB) to the NFL will defiantly be tough to overcome.

However, the Vols should be improved on the offensive line and in the defensive back field. Those units had nowhere to go but up tough. All other units are questions marks.

This year’s schedule is roughly on par with last year’s.  Tennessee opens the season in Mercedes-Benz Stadium vs Georgia Tech.  The other games away from Knoxville are at Florida, Alabama, Kentucky and Missouri. Indiana State, UMass, Georgia, South Carolina, Southern Miss LSU and Vandy will all come to Neyland.

Three Big Questions:

1) Who is the quarterback?

Junior Quinten Dormady will get the first shot at the job. However, much heralded redshirt freshman Jarrett Guarantano is probably a better fit for the offense. Jones has indicated he will play both early, but I expect one of the two to have the job secured by the trip to Gainesville.

2) Can the defense improve?

This unit started off well, but injuries and suspensions decimated Tennessee in the second half of the season. The Vols gave up 536 yards a game and 45 points to Vanderbilt. On top of that, Tennessee lost the guy who broke Reggie White’s sack record (Barnett) and their best cover corner (Sutton)

I imagine the defense will be better in Bob Shoop’s second season. But there will be some growing pains.

3) Is Butch Jones the guy?

After finally beating Florida and coming from behind to win several other games early in the year, it appeared Jones had figured it out.

Then after the Georgia game rumors about starting running back Jalen Hurd began to leak out and he was dismissed from the team two weeks later.  Then there was the ugly loss to Bama and the stinkers against USC and Vandy. Jones didn’t handle the fallout well either.

Butch’s clichés have defiantly started to wear on the fan base and a new athletic director is in town. Butch switched agents over the winter and has not gotten an extension yet.

Best-case scenario:

Tennessee’s defense line totally dominates and there are only a few minor injuries.  Dormady becomes Heath Shular and the Vols go 11-1 then beat Bama in the title game and are the two seed in the playoff.

Worst-case scenario:

The Vols can’t stop Tech and the option and start the season 2-3. Muschamp continues his dominance of Butch then Bama and Kentucky pile on.  LSU comes to town and puts a seventh loss on the team and Butch becomes wide receivers coach for the Cowboys.  The fans are all in on Gruden or Kelly and Tennessee hires Chuck Martin from Miami-Ohio.

Most Likely Scenario:

The Vols finish at 9-3 and probably third in the East with a trip to the Tax Slayer Bowl.

If that is how the season comes together, most Tennessee fans will be satisfied. However, it will really up the expectations for 2018.

Full article @ Tennessee Volunteers Preview (by Smitty)

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