Hannibal’s Braves 5, Confused Counseled Brewers 1

Hannibal’s Braves 5, Confused Counseled Brewers 1

You said it Rob, a few minutes ago. The pair of you need get off your obsession with age and simply use your eyes. Strange, rather odd really, that both the most recent two Editors of this fine epistle should succumb to the same blindness. At 31 it’s scary.

I’m no polemicist, me, hardly ever, so let’s celebrate the ending of our two game skid. I say two – the Yankee losses I have no quarrel with – we came back in one to make it respectable and very nearly won the other on the rebound. It was those two losses to the Brewers that were miserable to watch where our so called offense lay down and failed to bring in any base runners and looked dreadful in the process. With hindsight we might simply have been tired but it was a horror to watch. Wimpy is not a word we use around here. Then, most happily, came today.

We started out with what looked exactly like the faux promise of the previous games. We had hardly sat down when our two elves played their usual tricks and we were 2 up. They are amazing together and we should banish any future thoughts of meddling with the top of the order.

Today Ender was quiet but Ozzie had set things up with Freddie for Johann to get the big two out hit. We were up by 2 and, had we known it at that time, they would not score till a solitary run in the seventh. For Pete‘s sake we didn’t score again till the eighth!! So all this interval of time the pressure was squarely on Annibal and he responded beautifully with his ‘soft’ control continuing to baffle those strong Brewer bats through the third time around. If we were in a one game WC next Wednesday who would you want to start? Write it out 100 times, just like school, my school anyway. Called lines.

Anyway, back to the seventh. With two out, Snit properly took him out after two hard hit balls and, bravely, brought in Winkler who did a stand out job of getting the last out. Talking of Snit he excelled himself around this time by saying FUCK! on national television. No sound mike but the word was clearly enunciated in solitary splendor, the close up movement of his lips a child could read. Delightfully, he realized what he had done and looked suitably embarrassed. Here’s the thing, he had carefully planned to get the ideal match up he wanted around this time but something happened to forestall it and he was mad. I have forgotten what it was, if you haven’t please post.

So what happened to our bats in the eighth  when we were actually able to drive in base runners, three of them to be exact?

‘Say it loud and there’s music playing

Say it soft and it’s almost like praying.’


Yes. Freddie ended up with 3 hits and a walk and drove in 2. Mirabili dictu, how great to see. Nick was simply back to his old best, on base three times.

Good gracious, what can you say?

So. Viz came in to pitch the 8th, a good move to get him restarted where we had a four run lead and Minter backing him up for the 9th. He wasn’t sharp, he gave up a hit, but no walks and protected our lead. Minter in the ninth struck out the side and broke two Brewer ankles en route. He was vastly impressive and is to be commended for sustaining his marked improvement in control, one appearance seemingly following on from the last.

The preceding six hundred words are the copyright of Major League Baseball/Reay Mackay and are not to be reproduced without a written admission that he was right all along.  Hey, we won.


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