Joe Simpson Out (Sort of); Frenchy in

Joe Simpson Out (Sort of); Frenchy in

AJC Exclusive: Changes coming to Braves’ broadcast team

The Braves will move Joe Simpson to mostly radio with Jeff Francoeur becoming lead TV analyst.

The easy reaction is that it was more than time for Simpson to move on. He wasn’t ever very good at his job, but he had become curmudgeonly and annoying in the past couple years. He’s a dinosaur; he has no place on television. I would imagine he’s moving over to mostly replace Don Sutton.

Not sure how I feel about Frenchy. He’s one of the best among the roving guys, but is he deserving of the lead TV color spot? I say no. Why can’t we just go outside the organization to get these guys?

My position is unpopular; I like Chip Caray. He’s not very good at his job, either, but he’s entertaining, and he has a good heart. He probably shouldn’t be allowed to be so erroneous, but whatever. It’s really hard talking for 3+ hours while trying to be both accurate and entertaining. There are more accurate guys out there, but it often is at the expense of being entertaining. I’ll deal with some errors to get the other side.

Good for Joe. He seemed miserable. Good for Frenchy. Good for Chip that he gets a better person next to him. And while still not good for us, it’s better than it was, I guess.

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