Kooky on Touki Day: Braves 2, Red Smellies 8

Kooky on Touki Day: Braves 2, Red Smellies 8

I did a few little tasks around my office yesterday morning, but I had the itch to experience Touki Day. So, I saw most of it (except when I intentionally averted my eyes). A primary theme was repeated in many comments in the thread yesterday. This Braves squad isn’t up to AL division leader standards. However, I do believe we are still rising and could project into that rare air in about 2 years with a few strategic moves and a good rate of normal expected development.

Touki Toussaint was actually really good for the first 4 innings and it was 0 to 0. Braves got 3 walks in inning 1 off of Nathan Eavaldi. Nobody scored. Braves squandered an opportunity. Class, our word for today is “squandered, …squandered.” Repeat it often. The Braves sure did.

Finally, the dam began to crack in the 5th. An out. Then, 3 consecutive doubles. Then an out. Then a single that made it 3 to 0 and Touki departed and left it to Sam Freeman. Freeman avoided the Grybo. However, SNIT, FREEMAN WILL BE GASOLINE IF HE PITCHES TODAY. THIS IS AS CERTAIN AS TRAFFIC IN CUMBERLAND / GALLERIA.

But unlike recent years, this Braves team’s offense keeps plugging. Ozzie Albies hit a home run in the 6th (why couldn’t one of those come on one of the 3 times the bases were loaded?). In the 7th, Ender Inciarte, Nick Markakis, and Johan Camargo singled for a station to station set f loaded bases. Kurt Suzuki hit a sac fly and it was back to 3 to 2. After the last 2 games, could we smell teen spirit?

in the 8th, the Hosiery got 2 runs that fully deserved the “unearned” tag (at least as far as the pitcher was concerned.) Two outs and one runner on first. Then, a walk. Then a ground ball hit toward the 3 – 4 hole. Freddie Freeman cut it off and threw to second. Dansby jumped and it tipped out of his glove while he tried to focus on how to get his foot down on the bag. Inning over with decent defense. But no, it was not to be.

In 9, Bryce Wilson showed us he is 20 years old and almost a one trick pony. Against bad hitters at the ML level he can be dominant. Against good hitters, it might be a different story.

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