Non-Tender Deadline Round-up

Non-Tender Deadline Round-up

Yesterday saw the deadline to tender contracts to all players on the 40-man. Everyone currently on the 40-man were tendered contracts.

Jonny Venters signed a 1 YR, $2.25M deal. If Venters can stay healthy enough to give you 40-50 innings of middle and setup relief, $2.25M is a great price. Had Venters not had all of his injury issues, he would be a $6M+ reliever. Short of him blowing out his elbow for the 17th time, he’s a pretty good bet to give you the previously mentioned injury range. And we know he’s going to be effective. That’s never been the issue.

It’s not known yet where Arodys Vizcaino will end up on salary, but he was a non-tender candidate since he would be looking at a $4-5M salary range. Even at that range, I still don’t know why Bowman was so confident he was going to be non-tendered. Good bullpens cost money. While Vizzy has never pitched more than 57 IP in a season and has pitched less than 40 3 of the past 4 seasons, he’s 28 and he’s still a guy you have to continue to give a chance to pitch a healthy season. When healthy, he’s right where we need him to be: 3.02 ERA, 3.54 FIP, 10.0 K/9 for his career.

Adam Duvall and Sam Freeman were also tendered contracts. I’m not sure what to expect with their salaries, and it’s still possible that they could be traded to at least cover their obligations.

Our only friend Shelby Miller was non-tendered by the D-Backs. It closes that portion of the trade for the D-Backs. In 3 seasons, Shelby pitched 139 IP with a 6.35 ERA. Interestingly, he did have “only” a 4.83 FIP. No one could have predicted Shelby’s career going this direction, and while it’s still a heist for the Braves, remember that Dansby Swanson, in now 1,229 career PAs, has a .243/.314/.369 (.683 OPS) line.

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