Our new 2018 infield…and a big thank you to The Boss

Our new 2018 infield…and a big thank you to The Boss

Seems a good time to set up what might be the final thread of the year. Or not, depending on Your reaction. Let’s do it.

For the first time I am of the opinion that our starting line up for the new season seems settled, pitching excluded of course. With Adonis’ departure we can now settle on a four man infield that should be played and left alone for three months hopefully.

Here’s what needs doing –

Package/Sell/Trade Dansby.. He is not going to be the cornerstone we first hoped for. I will not bother to argue his offense which could,conceivably turn around I suppose, with little confidence. SS is a defensive position and we have seen enough of his defense to be sure now he is not going to match an average ML short stop. Weak arm, lack of general athleticism required for the position, hard hands, applies the tag in slow motion. Freddie Galvis, yes Sam…we don’t have to buy him, he’s gone anyway, just watch him play the position once in a while and check out the above categories. And umpteen others.

Moving on..do not get tempted , other than on an ad hoc basis, to move Ozzie across to SS. I am a huge fan but he does not have a strong arm either. Remember from last Fall – whenever he had to make a long throw, say from deep in the shift it was invariably unconvincing. Softish and up the line, as were throws to the plate under pressure.

Camargo will start at short every day for 3 months to show what he can do. And that is going to include hitting right handers better. It’s a huge opportunity for him, one he could hardly have dreamt of till now. I am bullish, very.

Third remains a problem but we’ll give Ruiz the same chance to show his improvement on an everyday basis to hit . There is no obvious platoon with Adonis gone. Riley is obviously hovering somewhere, we’ll have to see how that goes.


So there’s my infield, what’s yours?


And please, let’s say a big thank you to our Owner and Mentor, Alex, for another fine year at the reins, keeping impeccable order over our unruly bunch, answering stupid questions and most of the time still able to include here his own impeccable work. Has to be hard on him now though with Jeff Bezos at the controls. For all we know Alex is walking 15 miles a day up and down on those hard, vast concrete floors, filling orders! Alex, again, I for one thank you for another fine year.

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