Red Sox 5, Braves 1

Red Sox 5, Braves 1

As it turns out, the squad that was heralded as being one of the six or seven “super teams” in MLB at the beginning of the year; the squad who are paying as much buried and sunken salary for players no longer with their team or on the DL as the Braves are paying for their current 25 man roster; are probably better than us. I mean, it’s a thing, right? If you spend an extra 100 million dollars on your payroll, you’re probably going to have better bench players at the end of the day.

So, there’s that. The Evil Empire North beat us again, and there’s not a lot to say about it. They tried to kill Dansbo, but it wasn’t intentional. Kyle Wright had a decent MLB debut in relief. Philly won in Miami, so they’re back within 3 games. The Nats lost to STL, so they remain 7.5 out, and honestly, we should probably stop talking about them as contenders at this point.

Folty squares up against Hector Velazquez today at 12:10, to try and salvage a game and avoid a sweep. It is a day game, so load up and get ready to go. It’s only 2 hours away.

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