RIP The J.T. Realmuto Saga

RIP The J.T. Realmuto Saga

As you know, JT Realmuto has been traded to the Phillies. Thank the Lord. I’m so sick of hearing about him. And for what the Phillies gave up for him, they better get two really good years out of him, especially in their stadium.

But I’m supposed to be led to believe that the NL East teams are VASTLY improved. That the Braves have been asleep at the wheel while quality squads have added huge pieces. I mean, LOOK AT THESE IMPROVEMENTS:

I know that tweet is meant to tell me that the Braves have not improved enough, but the NL East is still not that good. I can’t get over that point. Three teams that won 82, 80, and 77 games have all gotten better. But the team that won 82 games also lost Bryce Harper. We won 90 games, our entire roster (rotation, lineup, bench, pen) is on average 4-5 years younger than all 3 of those teams. And we added best player from that list. By far the best player from that group.

They’re not done. Relax. If they were done, I’d be with you with the pitchforks. If they’re done, then we all have been bamboozled. And even if being “not done” means they add their final pieces at ::gasp:: the deadline (so far away!), are you really concerned the Nationals, Phillies, or Mets will have ran away from the division that quickly. Look at these 2018 rosters and then add the players from that tweet in:

Can you honestly tell me any of those teams scare you? The Dodgers scare me. The Astros scare me. The Red Sox and Yankees scare me. And their ability to add the same pieces we can at the deadline scare me even further. But can you tell me with a straight face that you’d put your hard-earned cashola down on any of those 3 East teams?

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