The 101 at Bastogne, Braves 2, Rangers 8

The 101 at Bastogne, Braves 2, Rangers 8

I am trying hard to do my duty in a most inglorious operation. For Braves fans and many of the players, all we have left is to soldier on in deplorable conditions and try to hold on for reinforcements. Maybe the victory will come, and in fact, probably the victory will come, but not for now.

R. A. Dickey is worthy of being an honorary member of the 101 (101st Airborne Division). He gives you what he has. He soldiers on. He actually has been pretty good overall this year. But last night was not his best work. Kind of like the bridge at Son.

Ironically, the great knuckleballer of my childhood, Phil Niekro, threw out the first pitch last night. Even for Phil, sometimes the knuckler doesn’t seem to knuckle correctly, and when it doesn’t, it isn’t pretty. Like when Elvis Andrus took one out in the first. 1 to 0 Rangers.

The other knuckleball problem is when you walk bunches of people. Like in the 2nd. Walk, double, walk, sac fly, passed ball. 2 runs in and it is 3 to 0. Then, in the 3rd, out, double, triple, sac fly and 2 more runs are in.

Finally, in the 4th, Braves got 2 on a Matt Adams homer. That ended the run scoring for the Braves.

But the Rangers weren’t through. No, they were Woodrow Call tough on this night. When you catch Cherokee Jack, you drag him almost to death. Then, you get him to give you the info you want in exchange for agreeing to a quick death. Three more runs, but only one after switching to Matt Wisler.

So far, the reinforcements seem like the cooks that were given rifles and not like Patton’s armored column. So we continue to sit in the snow with little food, little ammunition, but with a smidgen
of hope. It is all we have left.

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