The Kids Are Alright–Braves 4, IWOTM 2

The Kids Are Alright–Braves 4, IWOTM 2

One of the many reasons I love baseball is the rhythm of the season. Do you remember how frustrated this blog was just last Saturday? And how pessimistic many of the comments were becoming?

Earl Weaver’s classic comment—“This ain’t football; we play every day”—is especially apt this time of year. Bobby Cox, for all his questionable in game moves, was an all time great manager because he also understood that you can’t let the highs get too high or the lows too low.

Since Saturday, Newk had his near no-no, the Braves swept the Marlins in a rain shortened two game series, and then tonight they beat the Mets for their fourth straight win. All of a sudden, the Braves were tied for first place. (Very briefly, since the Phillies came from behind in the bottom of the ninth to beat the Fish. Frustrating, but we’re still just a half game out.)

Of course, much of the gloom around here last Saturday was based on the fear that the front office was going to stand pat, rather than make any trades to go for it this year. As you know, since Saturday, AA added an outfielder and three pitchers, without giving up anyone that had a realistic chance of being a future star in Atlanta.

Back to tonight’s game. Acuña and Albies are really special. Ronald had a triple, a single, a walk, a stolen base and two runs scored. Ozzie had a double, a single, a stolen base, and an rbi. Camargo had a big two run double; I’m liking him more all the time. Nobody much is complaining that AA didn’t go out and get a third basemen. Folty was not really dominant, but he was much more efficient than he sometimes is. He went six (on only 89 pitches), five hits, two runs, and one (!) walk. Biddle, Brach, and Minter pitched three scoreless, surrendering only one hit and striking out five. All in all, a very satisfying game.

Still have 57 games to play. There may yet be stretches in which the Braves have a bad week, but we won’t panic, will we? It looks like we’ll have a pennant race down to the wire. Six of the last nine games of the season at the end of September are with the Phightin Phils. That’s going to be fun.

Tomorrow night, Anibal faces deGrom. As good as deGrom is—and he is as good as it gets—this is still only the Mets, so I like the Braves’ chances.

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