VINCERA ! The ‘3/2′ Braves 8…Bumblin’ ‘Backs 5……VINCERA!

VINCERA ! The ‘3/2′ Braves 8…Bumblin’ ‘Backs 5……VINCERA!



The – young- voice, the famous aria were hardly deserved by this saga of awful pitching and myriad miscues. BUT there was still much to be enjoyed in this hurley burley affair which still managed to bring the tying run to the plate in the 8th with nobody out. We stood firm. And thus we were able to notch back to back wins against a team that on both nights looked better than us and whose season record was far superior, so what is going on? That certain something, we have it, whatever it is and we must try  to keep it for as long as we can.

Pitching. We were awful, starting with Folty sulking already in the first innings and maintaining his pout for 117 pitches till he was mercifully yanked after 5.1 innings – with a one run lead! So the only number that was terrible for him was the number of pitches. It was his bearing that embarrassed every Braves fan tonight. And while we’re on his back it is high time Snit told him to stop these pathetic at bats where he seems to wander around the plate and flap vaguely at the ball and clearly just wants to get back to the bench. Enough. The 3/2 Braves?? There were something over 20 such counts in the game, we prevailed there too.

Pitching Pt 2…The pen, dear me. With the honorable exceptions of Ramirez in the 7th., Brothers 8th, and JJ closing we produced a rag tag bag of Jackson, Kroll and Freeman. All awful. That Kroll ‘got’ the win for his one out  is farcically ironic. On their side we dinged up their starter Corbin who apparently was 2 and 0 against us and hadn’t given up a run to us in something like 25 innings total. That didn’t last long. Nor did our pal Randle Delgado who was fated to give up the big hit that effectively ended a series on one run leads for both teams.

Defense. We were treated to not one but two classic Claude/Gaston moments in back to back innings by Dansby and Camargo, each going for the same ground ball and knocking into each other.Yikes. But Freddie, who could do nothing with his bat all evening, made a fabulous diving save of an errant throw to first which ended an innings and preserved our one run lead. BP had a great evening with the bat- 3 for 5 with a homer and 2 RBIs. Ender too, as he always seems to do, finished 3/5, Kemp and Camargo each 2/4. It is time we stop the nonsense of hitting Johan 8th. We are wasting some of his many talents on the bases and his contact rate, and speed, should be used to score the elite bats ahead of him.

We end this hocus pocus affair with the craziest happening of all, in the bottom of the 6th when we finally scored 4 runs to seemingly end the close nature of the score. The bases were loaded, none out, and yet another awful pitcher was being banished to the showers thus creating a spot for a pinch hitter

The aforesaid Delgado was pitching for them, from the right side.  We had two choices from the bench – the left handed Matt Adams who did not start today and who greatly favors those pitching from the right side. And poor old fingernail chomping Wayne Adams, pinch hitter occasional, who does not.

So it was obviously Matt. And Snit sent Wayne out. Chip snorted, I screamed. Couldn’t believe it. But you know the rest. Bases clearing double to the LF wall. Please someone explain that choice. But Wayne had created our first big lead of the evening at a crucial, late time. 6/3 in an innings we had entered one run behind. But how appropriate for a crazy game and, as it turned out, there was more than one of their bats to come ahead where that lead was threatened. But they couldn’t. Back to Back.



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