Vincero…VINCERO!!! Braves 5 Backs 4

Vincero…VINCERO!!! Braves 5 Backs 4

We shall win, we shall win…and win we did after the most bizarre and wonderful game that ended in our favor with a magnificent defensive play at a quarter past midnight.

There was an excess of everything tonight – walks in particular which reached farcical proportions for the Braves, 9, the first two of which scored in the opening innings and nullified a smart lead we had created. And so it went throughout the evening, amazing ineptitude. Not going to attempt to replay the game digitally, far too much happened, will try and highlight things that registered.

Our pitching was ok – apart from the walks of course. After his silly start walking away a 2 run lead JT went 6 and earned back our respect. Neither side scored another run till the 8th, one each. We scored 2 in the top of the 10th primarily via a triple in the RF corner from Ender, so we lead 5-3 at that point. Half our lead disappeared almost instantly, they then had runners on second and third when Decalso  smashed a  ground ball up the middle, well to Swanson’s left, which would have won the game. He made a full out dive and just was able to glove it at full stretch, got up and aced a throw to the plate. Vincero, great stuff, what a play.

Some individual observations, pitching, we used 7 out of the pen. In order, Brach, good, one inning no nothing. Jonny, poor, one walk, one hit, one run in a third of an inning. Winkler blew the save with a hit and a walk, again just 1/3. Biddle 0.2, one walk. Sobotka threw 5 pitches, got the win, but, yes, one walk! Minter pitched a full 10th, got the save but was singularly unimpressive and saved from a loss only by Dansby’s miraculous play. 2 hits, one walk, one run no K.

Offense. Acuna, Ender Freddie looking better, Nick and Kurt both terrific, Kurt poor defensively.  Dansby had a magnificent triple late that deserved a better fate than being stranded – his moment in the sun was about to come. Only Ozzie still looks lost until you count our so called bench, both K’d. WHERE IS RILEY?


Goodnight, my friends. Vincero!




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