Winter Meeting Notes

Winter Meeting Notes

The Freeman post was getting long in the tooth.

Washington traded Tanner Roark to the Reds for a prospect. He was arguably their 4th starter. You’d have to think Washington is trying to upgrade a spot in the rotation.

Bowman says it was a pre-planned meeting. I don’t think anyone truly knows if the budget is negotiable with Liberty itself even though the separation between Liberty and the Braves is well-documented. But if that’s the case, then why is a Braves employee as far down the rung as even the Senior VP of Baseball Ops role that he seems to be carrying meeting with Liberty? Might he have already planned to entertain trade offers and negotiate free agents to then consult with Liberty about payroll?

Reds are interested in Ender

Ender’s now been speculated to be included in trade talks with the Indians and Reds now. Dansby and Folty have been talked about, though Bowman has only spoken about Folty being an unlikely trade piece. He did not do so for Ender or Dansby.

Craig Mish has been banging the drum for “Realmuto to the Braves” for months unwaveringly. He’s convinced Atlanta is the most likely landing spot for Realmuto. He’s the person I’m most confident in when I read trade piece rumors for Realmuto.

I agree, Stephen. I’m pretty Realmuto’ed out until the trade goes down.

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